Nexus: Star Trek Online

A community for Star Trek Online providing detailed DPS reports, a place to share screenshots, manage your fleets and stay in touch with friends outside of the game.

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Awesome Features

Whether you're a novice or an expert we're sure we have something that will interest you. Here's a few services that we offer.

Share Screenshots

There's a built-in feature in the game that saves screenshots to a folder on your computer but they never provided us with a place to share them. We have that place!

XMPP Service

Star Trek Online has its own XMPP service but it's not free. We provide a free alternative to this service allowing you to stay in-touch with people outside of Star Trek Online in real-time.

API Access

If you have a website or you're creating an app you can use our API system to pull pretty much anything from our servers related to Star Trek Online.

Notification System

We have an advanced notification system that alerts you when someone submits DPS reports that contain information on one or more of your characters.

Detailed Statistics

We provide statistical information about Star Trek Online that you just won't find anywhere else. Everything from heal statistics to career statistics and everything in between.

Private Message System

Pretty much every social network has this feature. If you don't use our XMPP service you can use our message system to leave your friends a message.

Community Forum

Need help with builds? Feel the need to share an idea or discuss something with others? We've created our very own easy-to-use forum system giving members a place to converse.

News Feed

Find the Star Trek Online news site confusing since Arc? So did we... That's why we provide an easy to read news feed on our dashboard which ties directly into Star Trek Online's website.

DPS Reports

Our crown Jewel! We parse your combat logs and produce a report that's not only beautiful but easy to read and understand making it perfect for everyone!

Fleet Management

Are you a fleet owner or someone who manages a fleet? If so you probably know how difficult it can be to weed out inactive members. We've got you covered!

Event System

Sometimes people forget when things start and end this is why we created a simply version of Star Trek Online's event calendar that displays on your dashboard.

Member Profiles

Profiles are a one stop shop for getting information about members. They contain information such as latest screenshots, DPS Reports and more.

The Nexus Desktop Client

Our desktop client sits in your system tray (the area by your clock in your taskbar) while you play Star Trek Online. It provides you with tools to Manage Screenshots, Manage Fleet Rosters and Parse combat logs. You can even control settings on our website with it.

  • 7,720+ Downloads
  • Secure SSL Encryption
  • Cloud platform
  • Upload Compression
  • Automatic Updates
  • Portable EXE

Star Trek Online Statistics

What? You thought we were kidding about having detailed statistics? We have statistics on Ships, Maps, Races, Factions, Careers, Weapons, Buffs, Heals and more.

Map Statistics (DPS)

Weapon Statistics (Damage)

Race Statistics (DPS)


(NXP)™ Our DPS Parser

Our one of a kind, state of the art DPS Parser for Star Trek Online provides our visitors with easy to read charts and tables to make your parsing experience as easy as possible so you can spend more time fighting and less time fiddling around with settings trying to figure out what everything is. Whether you're just starting out or just looking for something more in-depth, we're sure our Star Trek Online DPS Parser is the right choice for you.

  • 2,340+ Reports
  • 552,420+ Characters
  • Cloud platform
  • 1,370+ Heals
  • 9,420+ Weapons
  • 230+ Buffs


Here's just a few of the screenshots you'll find inside

Star Trek Online News

Stay informated with the latest Star Trek Online news

New Items in Mudd's Market!

Grab Aakar's Vengeance, the Coalition Repulsor Armor, and the Cnidarian Defender [T6] from Mudd's Store next week, during a 75% off sale!

Double XP Weekend!

Captains on all platforms can enjoy double the experience this weekend!

Key and Lobi Store Sale!

Save on Keys, the Keyring Bundle, and everything in the Lobi Store on Xbox an PlayStation!

Patch Notes for 12/5/23

Check out all the exciting changes coming to Star Trek Online in our latest patch notes!

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